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Enjoy a real wedding tradition

Legend has it that over 200 years ago, a chimney sweep saved the life of King George III by regaining control of his wayward horse and carriage. By Royal Decree, the King proclaimed that chimney sweeps are bearers of good luck and fortune, and as a result, should be invited to weddings and festivals.


Today, Elliott Chimney Services offers a lucky chimney sweep for weddings throughout Nottingham. Our lucky chimney sweeps are here to attend your special day and bless the happy couple with good luck.


Our chimney sweeper comes dressed traditionally, bearing a special gift pack and remaining present during the photography as required.


A lucky wedding chimney sweep is a perfect wedding gift, and a great addition to any traditional wedding. Supersweep is on standby to attend your wedding, blessing you with luck, and is a great addition to the special day; the perfect gift and surprise.

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