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What is creosote?

Creosote is a substance that is created when a chimney becomes packed with soot. This is a flammable substance that, if not removed, can cause large chimney fires and burn at more than 2,000 degrees F.


At Elliot Chimney Services, we provide creosote removal throughout Nottingham, ensuring that homes and businesses remain safe from these catastrophic fires.


Creosote begins as a flaky substance, and soon becomes a brittle deposit. If left uncleaned, it then forms a glaze around your chimney which can cause fires.

Keeping you safe

Our chimney sweepers in Nottingham can provide call out services throughout the week, providing expert chimney cleaning and creosote removal services to ensure your property remains safe.


Removing creosote also means that your fire will burn better without producing unpleasant smells.

For chimney sweeping in Nottingham and creosote removal, call:

0115 927 2799

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