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Why you need chimney lining

If you think your chimney may not be drawing correctly, and you can smell smoke anywhere in your home when the fire is lit, it's very important to stop using the fire as you may be at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning. Give us a call to arrange an appointment, and we will come and perform a survey, and certify our findings and recommendations (ie relining).


Elliott Chimney Services encourages all property owners who use chimneys to have them regularly swept enabling us to monitor your chimney's performance ongoingly.


Should your appliance require a liner, you can be confident that Supersweep will sign off his work with a HETAS Certificate of Installation. The lining is placed on the inside of the chimney to contain combustion and direct any waste to the outside.


Our flue liners protect your property from heat transfer to combustible materials, and can stop masonry from being corroded by the heat. Flue liners also ensure efficiency with your burning appliances, allowing soot and other materials to exit the dwelling safely.

What we offer

We provide a flue lining service throughout Nottingham, and will perform a full consultation before beginning any work. This ensures that we understand the current state of your chimney and can provide custom chimney sweeping services and arrange flue lining installation.

For flue lining installation, call:

0115 927 2799